29 September 2011

9 Secret Ways Stores Seduce Us into Buying

9 Secret Ways Stores Seduce Us into Buying

Check out what the clever folks at LearnVest found for us. Yes, stores are willing to do all sorts of things to separate us from our money. Here are nine ways in which they do it.

Are there any of your favorites in there? I know that I can easily be manipulated by music. It's probably a good thing that my tastes are a little esoteric and not likely to be found in Target or at Publix.

The credit card discount can be a particularly heinous ploy. However, it is most tempting when buying big dollar items, and hopefully you have so thoroughly completed your research that you will not be lured by this siren song. Just plan your work and work your plan and you should be in good shape.

Vani-sizing. Well, guilty as sin here. There are witnesses. I will say no more. 

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